Why DIY Paving Moulds?

DIY Paving Moulds


DIY Paving moulds are a waterwise option.


Dry grass and flowers in the garden?  NO water to keep your lawns green ?  River beds are dry. Water is getting expensive?

DIY Western Cape prices are low and affordable. Use our DIY moulds to cover the dry, barren areas.


DIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway mouldsDIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway moulds DIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway moulds

DIY Paving moulds are a waterwise solution to drought stricken areas.


Cape Town has been experiencing the worst drought in over 30 years. The Dams are running dry and rain fall has been very low for the past three years. It is said, the Poles are melting due to the higher temperatures and this is certainly true for the South Pole. With more cold water entering the ocean it is causing a drop in the water temperature. This is impacting negatively on evaporation and we in Southern Africa are seeing less and less rain fall. Definitely far less than we used to.


Cape Town Residents and Businesses have had to re look at the way they use water. Our water has had the Blue Drop Certificate for the past few years which meant we could use our tap water as drinking water. Now we are looking at no drinking water from our taps. If the rains are not great this winter and our dams remain empty what are we going to do? No drinking water, no water to keep our gardens looking lush and green. How are we going to keep our ourselves and our clothes clean, clean the floors and windows. Use the Toilet? These are questions every Capetonian has been asking themselves.


DIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway moulds DIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway mouldsDIY Paving Moulds Paving ,patio driveway moulds

As from 01 February 2018 Cape Town is on a level 6B Water Restriction.

We are limited to 50 litres per person per day.

Over the last few months there have been many innovative ideas and new water saving devices often at a high cost. The  Cape Town Municipality has increased the price of water and Sanitation and are looking for more ways to charge us more. Water tanks purchases went through the ceiling and at one point were on order as stocks ran out.  Day zero has been moved and we are still under water restrictions and policing by the the Council.


No long showers. Special shower heads and any water used is caught or redirected for reused for the toilets. Flush only if absolutely necessary. No baths. Wash your floors with the shower water. Use paper plates and wash up every second day if there is not a full sink of dishes. Only non potable water to be used for the garden and pools. Often brought in at a high cost. Hand sanitizes. Wear your clothes more than once to save water. Dry clean your car.

At present we still have drinking water from our taps but if we do not have very good rains this winter of 2018 this will stop and we will have to collect our rations at central points in Cape Town.

Our gardens have suffered the most with dry brown lawns and dead plants. Neighbor’s watching you in case you use potable water and if you have a green lawn they want to know why? Unless it is artificial.  Any well points producing water and the water is in use, the Council is watching you.

Why DIY Paving Moulds?

You can reduce water usage and create a perfect setting for your out door leisure at an affordable price.



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