Riven Cladding Mould


Container style mould:  Cladding

Cladding size:  various sizes

Mould Castings per m²: 17

Rock finish.

7 Cavity

Volumetric weight: 0,08kg

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Riven Cladding Mould

The riven cladding mould has 7 x cavities of various sizes.

Castings per m²: 17.

Rock finish.

Made from a Virgin Polypropylene and will last for years if properly cared for, they are engineered to be strong and sturdy enough to hold their form and flexible enough to allow for easy de-moulding.

General instructions for the  riven cladding mould

Mix the Concrete by hand or with a Concrete Mixer. Alternatively purchase bags of pre-mix and simply add water!

Release Agent

Requires a release agent to be used in the mould before adding cement.

Mix 1 part mould release oil to 4 parts of water and mix vigorously. Apply the mould release oil inside and outside of the mould with a sponge. This makes for easy cleaning.  Oil your moulds  over a bucket or tray to catch all of the excess mould release oil.  Reuse the excess oil.


It is important to source quality local aggregates. Keep your costs low. The best option: Visit your nearest builders supply store and ask for assistance. Alternatively try and find a local crusher plant in your area.

Cement Oxide

Cement oxide can be used to colour the cement in various colours as required and can be purchased from your local hardware. The coloring of your products will take a bit of experimenting to get your personal preference right. Use between 3-10% of oxide to the cement volume in your mix.

Curing for the riven cladding mould

Always place your product on a flat, level surface to cure . If you do not have a paved/concrete surface, put down river sand and level out the moulds by working them into the sand.

Please read our instructions.

De – Moulding for the riven cladding mould

Always de-mould by flipping the mould upside down.  Your paver will pop out. Work carefully with the products. Remember that your concrete has not yet reached its maximum strength and it will continue to get stronger every day. Approximately 28 days it will reach 90% of its maximum strength. Always Pack your pavers onto a wooden pallet or on the ground.

Do not stacking pavers more than 4 bricks high. To gain more strength, wrap your bricks in pallet wrap, however this is not necessary. This will retain the moisture and allow your pavers to gain strength faster.


Never take shortcuts on your manufacturing process or ‘skimp’ on aggregates. Take pride in what you are manufacturing. Make sure that you are using the correct aggregates.  Always use the correct cement and cement/sand ratios. If you manufacture high quality products you will be able to charge premium price and have returning customers.

Refer to our manual for a more comprehensive instructions.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 60 × 4 cm


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